7 Best 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oils – 2019 Update

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top 0w-20 synthetic oilsWhen it comes to engines, the importance of proper lubrication can never be understated. Without the right oil, you would never be able to drive on the road as smoothly or safety. But the real question is, what type of engine oil should you really go for?

The Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) recommends that for most cases, 0W-20 synthetic oils will be required. The name of the oil might throw you off but it’s quite simple. The ‘0’ references the viscosity of the oil at lower temperatures (0° F in this case), while 20 refers to the viscosity at higher temperatures (20°F). Viscosity directly affects the ability of a liquid to flow, so the less viscous the oil is the better it flows. Lastly, ‘W’ here simply tells us that the oil is winter certified.

Now that we’re familiar with 0W-20, it’s time to look at some of the top 7 0W-20 synthetic oil brands. Our favorite is the Castrol 03124 Edge because it has the perfect combination of price and performance, making it an awesome choice for pretty much any vehicle.

Synthetic Oil Comparison Chart:

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1. Valvoline 0W-20 SynPower4.5 Amazon rating

The Valvoline 0W-20 SynPower oil is a fully synthetic oil that is designed to give your vehicle great performance gains. The makeup of the oil makes it much more efficient at lubricating your engine. This results in increased performance and even better fuel efficiency.

This oil is designed to handle both low and high temperatures with relative ease. Even at temperature extremes, the oil maintains proper engine protection. The oil doesn’t thin out at higher temperatures while still providing proper performance on extreme lows.

What sets this oil apart from the rest is its excellent mileage. This is made possible thanks to the oil’s formulation and balancing which lets you drive on any temperature range with no issues. The oil’s anti wear additives also make for a much smoother drive.

More DetailsBoasting great features like impressive engine compatibility and its heavy duty formulation, the Valvoline synthetic oil is truly remarkable. Not only will it work for everyday vehicles but it is also suitable for superchargers and turbochargers. This makes it the popular choice in places like North America.


  • Good for most engines including superchargers and turbos
  • Cleans the engine
  • Great at high and low temperatures
  • Made in USA
  • Anti wear additives produce smoother drive


  • None, other than being slightly more expensive than Castrol

2. Castrol 03124 EDGE 0W-20

The Castrol 03124 Edge is our top 0W-20 synthetic oil pick for the money.

Castrol is a company that has made a name for itself in the automotive industry. This is why it should come as no surprise that the Castrol 0W-20 Edge is a reliable engine oil. This oil completely synthetic which means it will give you better performance and mileage gains.

Castrol’s oil formulation makes this one of the best performing oils out there. Thanks to its advanced formula, you can expect to get great engine pressure. This will result in your vehicle getting the best out of its power output and its fuel efficiency.

Another great thing about the oil is its engine protection. By providing the proper lubrication, there’s less friction between all the moving parts of your engine resulting in less wear.

More DetailsWhat’s more, this will ensure that there are fewer depositions, giving you a much cleaner engine. The viscosity of the oil also works towards cleaning all the parts of the engine. It’s no surprise that this is one of the most recommended oils by vehicle manufacturers.


  • Good for most engines including superchargers and turbos
  • Cleans the engine
  • Great at high and low temperatures
  • Titanium fluid technology means this synthetic oil lasts longer
  • Anti wear additives produce smoother drive
  • Great price


  • None

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3. Royal Purple 01020-6PK 0W204.5 Amazon rating

The Royal Purple 01020-6PK will never let you down. It’s a reliable oil that can keep its lubrication constant regardless of the temperature. Whether your engine is running hot or cold, you’ll never lose any performance ore reliability.

The heavy duty formulation of this synthetic oil will give you much in the way of engine protection. What’s more is that the Royal Purple synthetic oil will provide great lubrication to all the inner parts of the engine. This will provide you with a smoother running engine and great power gains on top.

In addition to providing lubrication, the oil also provides added protection. The oil forms a protective layer that will prevent damage from water particles rusting the engine.

More DetailsThe Royal Purple is compatible with a variety of vehicles even those that use ethanol based fuel. It can keep engine efficiency resulting in a clean catalytic converter and giving complete fuel burn.


  • Works with Ethanol engines
  • Maximises fuel performance and MPG
  • Great at low temperatures
  • Engine corrosion protection
  • Anti wear additives prevent metal on metal contact


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for all engines – please check yours

4. Pennzoil 550046122-3PK Platinum 5W-204.5 Amazon rating

Pennzoil 550046122-3PK oil ensures the absolute safe operation of your vehicle. The lubrication it provides builds a layer over moving parts enabling them to function properly without grinding. This eliminates all noise letting your engine keep its original roar.

What really separates this from your run of the mill petroleum based oil is its pure formula. The oil really digs into your engine making it run cleaner. This also helps the engine maintain a proper functioning state even under extreme running conditions.

Aside from the oil itself is the brilliant design of its carrying can. It’s made with dual carrying handles in an ergonomic design. This makes it really easy to carry the can around and pour it without straining yourself.

More DetailsPennzoil will not leave you disappointed. The oil is extremely reliable and efficient. It meets all the recommended specification of automotive manufacturers and provides utmost protection.


  • Made from natural Gas, better for the environment
  • Great at low and high temperatures
  • PurePlus technology cleans your engine
  • Ergonomic designed can, making it easier to poor


  • Mileage is not as good as other options

5. Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA4.5 Amazon rating

The Liquimoly 2208 is built from a heavy duty formulation that lasts a long time. The oil is compatible with just about any vehicle. Whether you’re running Japanese imports or classic American cars, there are no issues to be had.

The oil promotes a pure synthetic formulation as opposed to other blended oils. This directly translates into its ability to provide optimum engine efficiency. Even after ages of use, you’ll notice that the oil remains clear and your engine runs without any wear.

The oil also contains a good amount of helpful additives that increase the maximum efficiency of the engine. Not only does this give your engine a larger lifespan but also cuts down on fuel consumption.

More DetailsNo doubt this one of the most premium oils you can buy. Ready for just about any time of the year regardless of the season.


  • Great for most engines including Japanese and American classics
  • Works well at low and high temperatures
  • Maximises engine performance and MPG
  • Keeps the engine cleaner, longer


  • Excellent choice, just a bit expensive compared to others on this list

6. MAG 1 20139 0W-204.5 Amazon rating

The Mag 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is a premium motor oil designed specifically for your engine. The oil doesn’t alter its consistency or capability with changing conditions and is one of the few oils you can fully depend on.

The Mag 1 is formulated from some of the latest production technologies available. These special formulation techniques are able to make the engine perform well with no issues. The life of engine parts is also greatly increased by reducing friction and wear.

The oil boasts a unique 100% synthetic, petroleum free formula. This works in a number of ways to resist the extreme temperature conditions as well as resisting oxidization and thinning. The end result is the best lubrication you can possibly have.

More DetailsMag 1 is an oil you can blindly use. It doesn’t sludge or lose its efficiency in varying conditions and offers you great engine performance with no sacrifices.


  • Good for Toyota Trucks
  • Works well at low and high temperatures
  • Maximises engine performance and MPG


  • Solid synthetic oil but lacks features of others

7. Idemitsu Full Synthetic 0W-204.5 Amazon rating

Idemitsu full synthetic engine oil won’t let you down in terms of reliability and engine protection. The oil boasts friction reducing technology thanks to its unique formula, greatly reducing engine wear. This also helps the engine run very smooth.

A common occurrence with cheaper, less premium oils is that you get crude deposits on your engine. However, there’s none of that going on with Idemitsu and the oil remains constant throughout.

Additionally, the oil is able to maintain its viscosity. This results in a engine that is not only well lubricated but also runs clean.

More DetailsThanks to state of the art technology, the Idemitsu really offers the best features among any engine oil. It gives better fuel burn, greater performance, and even promotes reduced emissions all in one neat package.


  • Friction Reducing Technology helps the engine run smooth and reduces wear
  • Reduces emissions
  • Maintains viscosity meaning your engine runs clean
  • Improves performance
  • Works with most engines


  • Gasoline only

How to Buy Oil for Your Car

Buying engine oil for your car isn’t as easy as you’d think and can often end up in long term headaches. Before we delve into buying oil, we need to look out for certain aspects and features.

How to find the right synthetic oil

1. Checking the recommended oil for your car

Not all engines are the same. Diesel engines will differ from gas engines both in performance and working condition. Likewise, each of them also have a typical recommended engine oil.

It’s important to check your manufacturer’s recommended oil type and brand as it will save you hassle in the long run. Choosing the wrong oil won’t only set you back but can result in some serious damages to your engine.

Types of oils

There is a vast variety of oils out there for different cars and purposes. Here are some of the most common oils types you will come across.

1) Conventional Oil

This is what you’ll find on most normal vehicles. It’s what your car is filled with when you buy it new. If you have your owner’s manual, it will tell you exactly which oil it is and what to replace it with.

2) Full Synthetic Oil

This oil has a much higher quality than your conventional oil and promotes superior engine protection and longevity.

3) Synthetic Blend Oil

This is basically your synthetic oil with some blended sources. It offers great performance and protection at a balanced cost.

4) High Mileage Oil

This oil is designed for engines with more than 75,000 miles on the clock, and is specifically formulated to address potential issues from the wear and tear caused to the engine from years of use.  Often high milage oils will contain additives and conditioners which help to prolong the life of the engine by removing engine oil sludge, help protect warn seals to prevent leaks and reduce general engine wear and tear.

2. Oil Additives

Oil additives are an often overlooked aspect to choosing engine oil. While they can’t improve the quality of the base oil, they can contribute by providing various properties to the oil.

Some additives are added to the oil to improve viscosity and prevent thinning. While other additives consist of detergents that can help clean out the inside of the engine. Other notable additives include antioxidants, anti rusting agents, anti-wear, corrosion resisting agents and foam inhibitors.

Each of these additives can greatly affect your engine performance and lifespan, helping your engine in the long run.

3. Viscosity

SAE Viscosity Grades

A viscosity index will tell you how much your oil is able to resist thinning at great temperature differences. Oil thinning can definitely decrease your engine performance and protection, so it’s important to know the viscosity of your oil. It’s best to check this using SAE ratings of the oil.

4. Single Grade Viscosity vs Multiple Grade Viscosity

Before a certain time, the only oils you could get were oils with single grade viscosities like SAE10, SAE20, SAE30, etc. Thankfully, technology has come far since then and now you’re to get oils with multiple viscosity grades. For example, 0W-20 has two different SAE numbers depending on the weather. When it’s cold, the oil acts similar to SAE 0. Likewise, at higher temperatures it behaves like SAE 20.

5. Knowing the Oil Labels

When buying oils, you need to be able to carefully read the labels on the oils. These will help you determine whether certain certifications and standards are being abided by. The most common certification you will come across are the API engine licensing certification and the SAE viscosity index.

Additionally, you can also look for your engine’s minimum recommended certification. Some common ones include SJ, SL, SM, and SN, with each higher letter denoting better quality.


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